Emotional Branding
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Emotional Branding

One of the major mistakes entrepreneurs and business owners make is thinking that business is all about having the greatest product or service. Whereas that is important, what is even more important is how your brand makes your customers feel.

Human beings are more emotional than logical. That’s the reason why a mother would jump into a fire just to save her child even though logic says she might get burnt.

Successful brands have found ways to link their products or services with any of the human emotional needs such as:

  • Certainty and Security.
  • Significance
  • Freedom
  • Love and Connection
  • Growth and Contribution


Harley-Davidson, a top motorcycle brand have used the third human emotional need to their advantage – the need for freedom. Harley-Davidson’s have commercials that suggest to potential clients that getting a Harley-Davidson bike would give them a sense of freedom. They could ride on the highways with their hairs flying towards the skies and the wind flagging their shirts.


Coca-Cola also have used the Love and Connection emotional need of man to make their customers feel a sense of love and connection when a bottle of coca-cola is shared with a friend.


Many examples of this abound, and brands to be largely successful, they need to stop focusing on themselves and start focusing on their customers and this is because emotional connections build strong brands.

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