We are a full-service creative digital media company.

We are idea innovators, artists, storytellers, designers, strategists, technicians and developers. We’re passionate, creative, innovative, and resourceful. Impossibility doesn’t exist with us, and we are fully capable and ready to handle any challenge at any given time.

We are PrimeDux.

Creative and Corporate Communications

Our Creative and Corporate Communications team partners with your brand and together, we work to manage, develop strategies, and effectively handle the internal and external communication systems of your brand so as to project and maintain a strong brand equity.

Media Relations

There’s no better validation of your brand than a strong critical third-party endorsement for your service, product or organziation. We help provide valuable and sought-after credibility for your brand through our various media relations strategy. We engage various media outlets to ensure adequate media coverage of your activities in accordance to your mission, your vision and of course, your core values.

We design and develop materials to help shape the public perception of your brand via the different media outlets. Furthermore, we work together with the spokesperson of your organization to ensure the messages sent out to the public is shaped in ways where the brand equity of your organization is not harmed.

Corporate Branding

We believe that first impression matters, and the first thing a potiential client observes about your brand is how it makes them feel. We have in-house design experts, and programmers that work tireless to ensure your brand is visually attractive. Through these channels, we provide an awesome visually stimulating experience.

  • Graphics
  • Creative Photography and Videography
  • Digital Animations (2D and 3D)
  • Thought and Concept Design and Execution
  • Web Design and Development
  • Signage Designs, Rollups and Flex Banners
  • Experience Design
  • Illustrations
  • General Corporate Branding Designs

Research and Intelligence

Because we are interested in the exponential growth of your brand, we invest countless hours into research and analysis in order to come up with more efficient ways to effectively manage your brand equity. We manage campaigns and monitor processes. We provide accurate data or not just your target audience, but also of the market so as to help you make the best decision. We provide exclusive insight

Creative Events and Strategy

We design, plan, coordinate, and manage events that are geared towards enhancing, and projecting your brand more. From product launches, dinners, award nights and ceremonies, corporate events, competitions, cocktails to anything at all that would involve the gathering of people for the sole purpose of your brand.

Brand Management

We manage both the tangible and the intangible aspects of your brand. We understand that branding is as emotional as it is functional, and as master storytellers, we manage your brand in such a way that its uniqueness cannot be questioned.

Marketing and Advertising

Whether it’s social media, print media, digital media, or traditional media we’ve got you covered. We stop at nothing to ensure that you have the number of clients that your desire.

Training and Workshops

We organize workshops and trainings for brands on effective media and digital communications. We also do tailored training services for brands. If you desire to have a more effective staff, we are ready to work with you.

Media Productions

We create media content that advances your strategic communications goals. We have a full understanding of your needs, and the desires of your audience, and our creative media team is  set to give you the best service. As a full-service company, we handle all aspects of production – from conceptualisation to final delivery, and this includes interview sessions, animations, strategic planning and development, shooting, editing and archiving, writing. Furthermore, we handle your licencing.

As master storytellers, we tell powerful compelling stories that produce just the desired result for your target audience. Below are some of our products/services.

Video/TV/Film Productions

Video storytelling is a powerful way to connect emotionally with your target audience. It engages, it inspires and, most importantly, it sticks.

At PrimeDux, we have the creative expertise, technical know-how and advanced equipment to create compelling video that resonates with audiences, makes your brand memorable and triggers a response. Whether on location, or in our digital editing suites, we’ll handle your project from concept to completion.

We focus on producing exceptional and outstanding content for television, commercials, and film. We also do product shoots, brand profiling, music and poetry videos, and contents for web.



We don’t just take pictures, we tell stories and we create memories. When you hire PrimeDux, you are getting more than beautifully taken pictures, yes, you are getting happiness.

Our cameras are your best friends, and like all best friends, they all devoted to capturing your best moments.


Show/Event Productions

Our team is set to handle your events. Be it wedding ceremonies, dinners, parties, conferences, conventions, etc. Whether big or small, we give it a touch of class.


Online Radio/TV

Yes, even our traditional radio/TV systems are evolving. More and more people tune in online to listen to their favourite programmes via their mobile phones and laptops. Do you want to own an online radio or TV? Then, PrimeDux is right to help you with it.


Digital Magazines/Newspapers

Traditional newspapers are giving way to digital magazines. We help design and manage digital magazines and newspapers.





Digital Communications

Communication has grown over the past few decades, and it’s now in our finger tips. More importantly, communication now is all about maintaining community, and community breeds loyalty. We help you to that through these channels:

Content Development and Strategy

We have a team of seasoned writers and content developers. We create engaging content for your audience. Be it audio files, video contents, or written content, we’ve got you covered. We research and analyse your target audience, and then, we feed them with the right content that would help accelerate your brand.


Digital Strategy and Development

We are not careless about your brand. We look at your internal processes, the external expectations of your customers and the current trends in the digital world, and using those information, we design tailor-made strategy that would take your brand from where you are right now to where you want to be. We use web, mobile, social media and video to drive relevant experiences for your prospects, partners and customers.

Social Media Management

Community generates brand loyalty. Some of the most successful brands in the world have recognized the importance of social media, and have effectively used it to position their brands appropriately. We understand the dynamics of social media, and we strategically manage your various accounts in a highly engaging manner.



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