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The traditional ‘website’ as we know it is dead. You need a lead generating marketing machine that works day and night to deliver your business new sales on the go.


We don’t just build websitesanyone can do that.
We build sales and marketing tools that help your business grow.

So what’s the problem with most websites?

They’re poorly put together websites, fancy to the eyes, but lack real functionality and impact.

We'll explain how we can help... but first, a couple of questions:

Is the website you have now actually working? Or is it just an ornament that’s not converting visitors into paying customers?

Do you already have a business and want to make more sales consistently knowing that all your customers are on the internet?

Are you launching a new business website for the first time? Do you want to simply bypass the pitfalls and common mistakes, getting it right the first time?

How we can help?

We’re not just designers and developers, we are storytellers and strategists with deep understanding of various industries. Once we’re given a project, we take your business and craft out a custom website strategy designed to attract visitors and direct them towards the desired outcome of the website.

What do you stand to gain?

You’ll get a website that is guaranteed to produce more conversions for you. Due to our experience across several industries, we put in place a web strategy that makes your website a money magnet.

Because we don’t take your project lightly, we’ll hold strategy sessions with you to on how best to position your custom website, not forgetting our support that is available at all times for you.

Primedux has shown the dedication and diligence of a true professional in the way they designed and managed my website. They were able not only to conceptualize my ideas but also listen to my concerns and advise me accordingly. When I wasn’t sure what direction to take they were helpful as a sounding board and provided me with useful information that helped me make better choices.
Ada Ezeokoli
CEO, 141 Media
It is with pleasure that I recommend Primedux. The company designed our corporate website and have been available at will in ensuring the smooth running of our website. Their approach to work has been nothing short of professional. I endorse them.
Kenneth Odum
Chief Consultant, JK&O
During the course of our work with them, we’ve had cause to make several updates on our website, and they’ve handled all of them satisfactorily and promptly as well. The support on our website has also been great, and I have no complaints whatsoever. I love it when attention is being paid to details, and I can say they haven’t faltered in that regard. They’re very creative, and have the necessary technical skills as well. I'll happily recommend them.
Obi Nwaegbe
Founder, Artstier Studios

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No hidden fees. You own and control the final website.

We often know someone that knows someone that “does websites” for cheap. Or even DIY website builders (with multi-million dollar marketing budget) that allow you to drag and drop for a monthly fee while holding your website hostage. The Problem? It’s not going to take your business very far. They lack the strategy that when well implemented will turn your website from a signpost into a powerful sales and marketing machine.

Our approach is DIFFERENT. We work with you, not just for you. We understand your business, then come up with a tailor-made solution which we’ve refined over the years of doing business. With us, you’re investing in success, and building a website that will pay for itself.

Imagine your business a few years from now. Imagine having a website that is fully automated and optimized, bringing sales for you while you sleep.

The best time to build a website was yesterday, the second best time is today. If you purchase a product within the next 48 hours, you’ll get a 20% discount off any of the packages.

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Apart from the fact that we give best value at best price, we have also developed a proven system that works, from conceptualization stage to the final launch. This way, unnecessary time wasting is eliminate. Extras (or add-ons) not covered by the package are billed separately. It is our desire to give everyone the opportunity to maximize the huge potential of their business by use our web design solution in a very affordable manner.

Yes, there is. We are very accommodating. Each package has a payment plan associated with it. Once you get started, we discuss how the payments can be spread. However, we don’t start work until at least 70% payment has been made.

If you’re ready to go, you can purchase any of the packages below, and our team will be in contact with you right away. We’ll help you through the next steps and hold your hands all the way.

A dedicate project manager will be provided for you to help you complete your questionnaire, and guide you all the way.

We need you to be able to supply information and be available during the build process. We’ll assign a project manager that will hold design and strategy sessions with you till the final launch, so we need you to be responsive during this period

Unless you’re purchasing a package where your branding, and web copy is to be done by us. Otherwise, you should get ready the following:

  • A completed branding (your logo, colours, brand guidelines, etc.)
  • Your website’s copy/content
  • A very good understanding of your business, to enable us build a solution that will speedily achieve your business goals.

If you don’t have any of these at the start of your project, we’ll be happy to have you develop them for a separate billing. Alternatively, we can reserve your spot, while you get your branding done. Our project manager will also be available to answer your questions and guide your decision making process.

Yes, definitely. At the moment, we’re offering a 30 minutes free consultation (worth $200, just so you know it’s a very serious session though it’s currently free), and with it we’ll help you decide which way to go.

But that’s not all. If you decide to move forward with a One Week Website, you’ll be introduced to your project manager, get access to all the materials we provide to clients and have someone available to answer any questions after the consultation is over.

The real question is, can you afford to keep losing sales due before you didn’t make the decision that could transform your business today? The idea is that your website will pay for itself along it way, and then keep making sales for you going forward. Is like a gift that keeps giving. And we’ve also helped to simplify the process for you, where you can spread your payments. You’re welcome.

Of course, during the build process, if there’s need to move up to a different package, you simply pay the balance of the newer package.

The question is, why shouldn’t you? Is your website just an ornament, or an integral part of your business leveraging on the billions of people on the internet daily to attract the clients and customers that you serve? Is your website a sales and marketing machine? If it’s not, then we can help you.

Awesome! Our plan is to create a solution for the many people that would be buy into it, and then design a launch strategy with it that could start converting visitors from the first day of launch.

We’ve already designed a process after years of experience that helps us achieve results very quickly. Of course, work such as support, and reviews will continue after the ‘one-week’ phase. After analyzing your questionnaire responses at the start of the process, we get to work immediately using our already developed system. It isn’t about how fast we build it, but how well.

We build all kinds of websites for all kinds of businesses. Whether it’s for a local business, a personal brand (coaches, bloggers), corporate sites, etc. We build them all.

Also, we have websites that are more than just websites, but are web apps. These include, membership websites, e-commerce sites, complex sales page systems, etc. Though these take more than a week, we handle them to perfection. If you’re still not sure, feel free to contact us, and we’ll answer any questions you may have regarding your project.


Yes you do! Once the project is complete, you hand over the website and all the files associated with it to you. You OWN your website. You can edit it however you want. We also give you a manual to aid your use of your website.

If you want us to manage it for you, we’ll be happy to do that at a separate billing.

Every product is sellable, and that’s the more reason why you need a website that converts better. It could be that your product is expensive due to its huge value, or that there are way too many competitors. We’ll help you refine your strategy that makes you standout, our web design with pay attention to layouts and components that will give the user a better experience. Our strategy will be unique to your product or service be it your need to build a list, collect leads and sell later, etc. We are sure to make every visitor count.

And these will be done without being pushy or annoying. Our target to wow every visitor into action, not piss them off.

Yes please. We recommend you pay all that once. This hastens the launch time.

This is why we work with you on the project to produce not just a solution that you’ll like, but also a solution that your target market would fall in love with.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

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